Thank you, Dr. Esway!
Service was FAST and efficient. Dr. Esway was thorough and treated both my family and me with respect. I appreciated that he did not speak to us above our heads and was very down to earth. I am a member of the medical community myself, and I couldn't believe how professional everyone was and the wait time was practically nothing.

Foot and Ankle Specialist

Dr. Jan-Eric Esway, an orthopaedic surgeon, is a leader in the latest methods of foot and ankle care. Since he began practicing medicine in 2000, he has helped thousands of patients enjoy greater comfort and flexibility.

Dr. Esway specializes in an array of minimally-invasive procedures. When compared to traditional surgical procedures, these techniques can produce superior results, including less scarring, reduced swelling, less pain, quicker recoveries and reduced chance of infection..

THE ANKLE is a complex body part that plays a critical role in mobility and stability. Ankle pain may be due to sprains, arthritis, breaks and tendon problems.
THE FOREFOOT extends from the ball of the foot to the toes. Forefoot pain may be due to bunions, toe deformities and neuromas.
THE MIDFOOT runs from the ball of the foot to the heel and includes the arch. Midfoot pain may be due to arthritis or stress fractures.
THE HINDFOOT, also known as the heel, is the area between the ankle and the foot's arch. Heel pain may be due to plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon problems.

To help us identify your specific pain, just click on the place where your foot or ankle hurts.